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SDFB Relationship Type ID Relationship Type Name Inverse of Relationship Type
1 Enemy of Enemy of
2 Rival of Rival of
3 Acquaintance of Acquaintance of
4 Met Met
5 Knew in passing Knew in passing
6 Close friend of Close friend of
7 Friend of Friend of
8 Attracted to Admired by
9 Had child with Had child with
10 Sexual partner of Sexual partner of
11 Pupil/Student of Mentor/Teacher of
12 Mentor/Teacher of Pupil/Student of
13 Aunt/Uncle of Niece/Nephew of
14 Cousin of Cousin of
15 Niece/Nephew of Aunt/Uncle of
16 Child-in-law of Parent-in-law of
17 Guardian of Ward of
18 Heir(ess) of Testator to
19 Other-in-law of Other-in-law of
20 Parent-in-law of Child-in-law of
21 Sibling-in-law of Sibling-in-law of
22 Testator to Heir(ess) of
23 Ward of Guardian of
24 Great-grandparent of Great-grandchild of
25 Child of Parent of
26 Great-grandchild of Great-grandparent of
27 Grandchild of Grandparent of
28 Grandparent of Grandchild of
29 Parent of Child of
30 Sibling of Sibling of
31 Godchild of Godparent of
32 Godparent of Godchild of
33 Godsibling of Godsibling of
34 Client of Patron of
35 Collaborated with Collaborated with
36 Colleague of Colleague of
37 Coworker of Coworker of
38 Patron of Client of
39 Apprentice of Master of
40 Employed by Employer of
41 Employer of Employed by
42 Master of Apprentice of
43 Rented from Rented to
44 Rented to Rented from
45 Engaged to Engaged to
46 Spouse of Spouse of
47 Parishoner of Priest of
48 Priest of Parishoner of
49 Other religious relationship Other religious relationship
50 Lived with Lived with
51 Neighbor of Neighbor of
59 Admired by Attracted to
103 Step-parent of Step-child of
104 Step-child of Step-parent of
105 Step-sibling of Step-sibling of
106 Creditor of Debtor of
107 Debtor of Creditor of
108 Schoolmate of Schoolmate of
109 Correspondent of Correspondent of
110 Midwife for Had as midwife
111 Had as midwife Midwife for
112 Attendant of Attended by
113 Attended by Attendant of