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St Pauls School London
Teachers and pupils of St Pauls School London
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Many persons listed attended this famous school and there are two High Masters also listed. School was founded by John Colet in 1509.

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8 St Pauls School London was founded in 1509 by John Colet. The school was situated immediately east of St Pauls cathedral itself. It was completely destroyed by the Great Fire in 1666 but was rebuilt on the same site and reopened in 1671. It is still funded and managed by the Mercers Company of the City of London Mercers Company London

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Assignment ID Person Start Date End Date
369 Samuel Cromleholme February 19, 1647 July 21, 1672
370 John Langley January 7, 1640 September 13, 1657
371 Samuel Pepys 1644 1650
372 George Jeffreys 1659 1661
373 Edmond Halley 1671 1673
375 John Colet 1509 1519
376 John Milton 1615 1624
377 Edward Cocker 1657 1657
378 Humphrey Gower 1654 1657
386 John Churchill 1664 1666
389 John Strype 1657 1661

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145 Intellectual
146 Social/Cultural